How not to target fighter CAP ?


my long range fleet is a bit annoyed because the opposition use a few fighter flying close escort around his cruiser. Even without the order to target fighter my LRM boats send their payload targetting the fighters and not the cruiser. As a result he have time to close range while my missile boat cant shoot because their missiles are circling around his fighters.

Any idea on what to do (if possible without ressorting to fighter versus fighter tactic because he have squadrons of fighter flying offensively that I’d rather taje care of with my defensive screen).

Remove the “target fighters” order. That way, they will target fighters when there’s nothing else in range but the AI will prioritize cruisers and frigates (depending on your other orders) as targets

I did so but It didn’t work.

The circling CAP is the first thing to enter my LRM (long range missile) range, by a few meters but it is enough for my ships to track and shoot at them, completely ignoring the Cruiser a few meters behind. At this distance the missile miss, but the turret cannot re-arm and re-engage before the missiles despawn, wich take a lot. Also I noticed that even when not to be ignored target are present the second shoot is for the same target than the first, with the same consequence.

As a result, the cruiser are well into mid-range when my LRM Frigate start to aim and shoot at them.

Possible solution :

  • Track the target from further away than the weapon range. How to do so ?
  • Add a delay before targetting/shooting non-selected type of vessel in case something you want to shoot at enter the fray.
  • Have the target selection be made when the weapon is ready to shoot the second time, not as soon as it had fired the first shoot.


problem identified and solved.

My PDS/Antifighter Aegis Frigate got the Fighter Attack order. My LRM Frigate got a cooperate order to benefit from the Cruiser Laser Designator.

But the LRM choose to cooperate with the Aegis when they target the incoming fighters.

Removed cooperate and it solve the problem.