How repair modules work

Sorry for asking this, but I couldn’t find any clear answer to this in the forums and felt like I heard mention of it in-game… Do repair modules stop working while you are currently under fire? For example, will a cruiser under assault by 30 fighters not engage it’s repair modules at all due to being under fire, and need to wait for a time while it’s not being attacked, or do repair modules automatically activate as soon as you have damage, regardless? Thanks for any help clearing this up.

AFAIK repair modules work whilst under fire. The problem lies in the rate you are raking damage is often higher than the repair rate. Ideally you need to be out of the line of fire for a period to get armour & sheilds back up to speed.

Nano repair works at 5.24 HP * stack penalty per second (when it’s at full health). It’s repair speed reduces as it takes damage.

Thanks! Just to check that I’m understanding right, 123stw, you mean for example if the repair module itself has been damaged to ~50% of it’s health, it’s repair rate would be ~50% ?


It can repair any component with at least 1 hp back to full strength, however if it drops to 0 hp the component is forever dead. A repair bay can only repair 1 component at a time, and damage lands randomly. This means that while the repair bay is busy fixing your engines your weapons might get blown to hell. So far as I’ve noticed the repair bay doesn’t switch to fixing a different component until the current component is fixed.

If you want to try to repair tank things go with tribe ships. No shields, no armor, just 6-7 repair bays. That is enough to be able to fix 6-7 components all at the same time, and usually enough to keep the ship alive nearly indefinitely, or at least until you run out of spare parts. A tribe repair tank can soak a vast amount of damage before it finally dies.