How Screwd am I on the demo??

I am on the last mission in the demo with these benefits:

Carrier Support Bay
Android Bay
Emp Shield
Emp Cannon
Megaton Missle Launcher
Micro Crew Module
Powered Armor
Reinforced Powerplant
Frigate Armor III
EMP Missles #1
Ipoint Defense #2
Frigate Small Beam Lazer

I have bled the other 2 dry, reducing to a mere 2 battleships on the tutorial mission, but I could possibly squeeze less now on the 2nd mission.

You’re not screwed at all, you can beat the demo pretty easily without making any purchases at all.

Did you play the second mission on the hard and expert difficulty levels as well? You can earn many more points that way, and they aren’t much harder so much as different.

Ah, I see, thanks.