how to access the ine game editor


I want to use the editor in the game to add more module slots onto the ships, the website says to enable the editor, i have to add the line ‘-editor’ to the command line, i would, if i could find it and new how to go about getting to it.

Can someone please tell me where it is, and how i access it?


Are you playing the Windows version or the Mac version of GSB? The hull editor app is a part of the .exe for the Windows version.

All you need to do is highlight your desktop shortcut for GSB and select “Properties”. Check to see the “target” that the shortcut points to; i.e, the actual GSB app itself. Add the " -editor" parameter to the end of the location string for the target, click OK, and the next time you open GSB you should have a new button on the game’s main menu for editor access.

Caution: the hull editor is a rather erratic app and in addition to its, ummm, very basic user interface it’s also somewhat unstable. You’ve been warned. :wink:

If you have questions about the hull editor, feel free to stop by the Gratuitous Modding forum. The friendly community mod squad will get you all sorted out. Once you understand the x-y coordinate system that Cliffski uses for module and weapon placement, altering a hull’s stats by adding or deleting slots becomes trivially easy. The data is saved in simple human-readable textfiles that can be accessed without much trouble.


giving it a try now-and nothing says the path name is not correct.

Im going-shortcut, properties and then changing the target to this: “C:\Program Files\Positech Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe-editor”

is this right?

can you please tell me what i am doing wrong

make it look like this instead:

“C:\Program Files\Positech Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\GSB.exe” -editor


that worked, thanks, and you where right, its really buggy, are there any alternatives to the in-game one, other than editing the TxT files.

not right now… but there is a program called GSBEdit in the works.

right now you can only edit modules, but his goal is to be able to mod everything in that program

Thanks for the shout there Ponyus. An editor for this is indeed on my extensive todo list, but I doubt it will be available in the immediate future. I am considering a combined solution for all of the hull editing needs (a mix-and-match creator for those that want to use it, positioning for slots/flares/tractor beams, setting bonuses, etc).

For now the only options are the in-game editor and manual editing. To be fair to Cliffski, the in-game editor was an internal tool that fitted his workflow and wasn’t designed to be pushed to the limits as we modders tend to do.

Agreed! It was just an in-house dev tool and never received the considerable amount of coding needed to improve reliability and polish it for public release. Cliff preferred to expend those energies instead upon patching the game, and he definitely made the right choice. He released it mainly for the benefit of the modding community, and we thank him again for that.