How to add new entries to the [turrets] category

Hello peeps. This is my first time on these forums. I have my own mod going now, but I was wondering…

For the rebels race file;

name = “rebel”

unlock_texture = “Rebel Valkyrie”

turret_auto_v1 =,,0

turret_ecm_v1 =,,10

0 = “Today was a victory for the underdog, the little guy, the man in the street, the common man, and also I guess for you.”

2 = “Excellent, by blasting our enemies to atoms we have truly shown them that we will not partake in their bloodthirsty wars.”

1 = “The rebel creed is to reward success rather than to punish failure. We will leave that to you. Here is a laser pistol with one charge. Don’t make it too messy.”

3 = “Disaster! We would have achieved a more decisive victory for the revolution if we had just held a jumble sale and sold raffle tickets.”

0 = “Jack”

17 = “Bill”[/code]

Id like to know, how to make my mod add new entries to the [turrets] category without actually editing the main rebels file…So Id like to know how to make a hook, or even a merge to the rebels race file please.

So you want to use the rebels race file as a base for a mod, correct?

In that case just copy the entire rebels folder and rename it in your main GSB directory, then rename it, and the race file, generate a new race file for the installs folder. This way you can use the existing file structure as a guide.

To add weapons to the race file, I just copy the last weapon line of code and paste it on the next line and modify my info as necessary.

[code]turret_ecm_v1 = alliance_turret_ecm_v1.png,turrets_alliance.png,31

Cr EA OCD_Beam_Cannon = turret_ecm_vee1.png,turrets_B5_1.png,31[/code]

Now I used 31 as a default number for turrets that are not seen simply because it was on the line I copied. I just suggest coming up with some sort of system to organize your turrets to simplify trouble shooting.