How to always win as attacker

  1. For 95% of the match, send in infantry, eventually on only one path. Send a light mech/light tank to pick up supply crates.
  2. Last 5%, wait to get max supply points.
  3. When the supply ends, the enemy starts deconstructing units that are not efficient to deal with what you have on the table, hopefully still infantry.
  4. Bumrush with fast mechs/fast vehicles and tons of victory trucks, eventually on the path that was not reinforced.
  5. ???
  6. Profit.

To be fair, this is the only way i ever managed to win an attack.

Heavy Tanks supported by Repair Trucks, Missile Tanks, and MG Tanks, with some Energy Mechs thrown in where appropriate, gets the job done for me usually. Although, I’m not playing against my own designs yet.

Thanks Cosmitz.

The ability to win on GSB just has not rubbed off onto GTB one bit.

Awaiting GSB 2