How to Build other Cars?

Anyone has an idea how to build the other cars like Pickup?
There is no research for this, nor a button.

You need to research body design in the research screen and then build the design studio. That lets you research the other car designs in a separate research tree. This will be explained much better when I do more work on the tutorial :smiley:

tnx, will try it.

Worked, and the menu appear in this building.

But for consistency:
Why not place a third tab in research. Greyed out and with a tooltip “You need to build … in order to research new cars”.

A further suggestion would also be to queue the new model research

Hmmm I did consider another tab there, although there isn’t that much to research yet. I’ll give it some more thought.

And while you are thinking about it Cliffski.

How about making the Open Top Sportscar a standalone body type as with all the other body types.

Hmmm interesting. I guess the problem is that I need to sort out the style demands of customers before doing that. Right now a customer may want a sports car (for example) but be slightly open to other styles> A customer who wants a sports car is much more likely to choose an open top sports car than, for example, a sedan.
The reason its not a new style but an upgrade is that I wanted to consider the possibility of having multiple researchable style things. In the 1960s and 1970s that would mean fins! but I’m not sure what the options would be now. Arachnid wheels maybe? tinted windscreens and rear windows?

Now you are speaking a language that I understand. I like the concept of build your own body style which this alludes to.

This game has legs and the potential is unlimited.
Production Line:
The airship building tycoon
The ship building tycoon
The railway building tycoon

and my personal favourite
the Fire Engine building tycoon

But you didn’t mention tank building tycoon :smiley:

OMG please make that the first DLC :slight_smile:

TBH it would be a HUGE amount of work and change, but I’d love to do it.

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