How to code a game?

Hello! I do like some of Positech’s games like Democracy 3 but I always wanted to make my own game and I was wondering if anyone here knows how to? Im mainly interested in 3D games in style of The Elder Scrolls. Thanks!

PS, as far as I know i have to learn some programming language but there are many and im not sure which one.

Learning programming language is great but if you want to make games you have to first choose game engine and then learn language that this engine supports. If you are beginner and want to make a game like elder scrolls, which is RPG, then I suggest you to read Making Role Playing Game - Guide as its quite covering what you need. I used this tutorial in the past when I was still fiddling in Unity. BTW, Unity is one of best game engines, and it supports C#, which should be easy for you to learn, in fact some people consider this language the easiest one after html and css.