How to Completely Reset Democracy II/Undo ALL Mods

Good afternoon.

I acquired Democracy II several years ago and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I tried my hand at modding, and screwed up royally. I can not load any countries because of my stupidity. Here’s the rub: though, I have lost my installation data and backups of the game, leaving me completely unable to repair my errors and completely reset Democracy II to its pristine, unedited, original state.

I’m looking for some way to undo all that I’ve done and start completely from the beginning. Remember, I can not simply uninstall and re-install the game; I have lost all backups and installation applications since the time I obtained the game.

Can anyone help me?


Email Clifski. Did I type that correctly? Who knows…not me.

I did the same thing(lol), but I kept my installation data!

It warned you to back up all files before modding!