How to download mods without the steam version

I am still a bit confused about this topic. I have the GOG version of democracy 4. I found the mod folder fine but getting the mods themselves downloaded is my issue. All the mods seem to be on the steam workshop and steam does not want me to download them without buying the steam game.


That’s a good question, the answer to your question is that Cliff has to add more mods to his mod server, which you can access in game. That was an item on the Trello board, perhaps you could check whether Cliff has done so by running your game (I imagine he has, 99% of the time when Cliff puts something on the Trello Board, he goes ahead and does it) and looking into the in-built mod browser.

Yup, there are about 30 mods in there now I think. Just go to the mods screen in the game, and the list on the far left of the screen are mods. You can single click download and install them.
You don’t need to look for folders or manually do anything :smiley:

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An issue with this is most mods just download, or clicking it crashes the game