How to extract PAK file?

I want to see voter group background pictures, as its almost completely covered by stuff at 1280x1024 resolution.
Also it would be useful for modding.

Maybe GUI scaling graphic option would be nice too.

GUI scaling is WAY harder than it sounds, to get everything crisp, and yet still readable. We can pack more information on a 5120 screen than a 1280 one, so choosing what scales / what gets expanded is a nightmarish amount of work. We do hope to make the game more usable on every possible monitor set up eventually though.

Currently there is no pak compiler or exporter, but we will possibly release one once the game is in proper early access. Its not a big task.


Game is in early access now, so pak exporter can be now added to Trello, so its not forgotten.

I have new monitor, that has native resolution of 1440x900, but I can make it display at 1600x1024.
Democracy 4 is only thing, where I use higher resolution as game really benefits from it, and drawbacks of non-native resolution aren’t really felt here.

yup, will add.

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