How to gain sports skills

My character hasn’t gained skill in any sports (there are entries for Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Bowling, and Poker in the skills area on the bottom left, and they’re all blank except for Bowling which has just one bar), even though he’s on his 8th year and he’s been playing all those sports a lot.

Is there something else that I need to do to increase those skill levels? I tried buying golf clubs but that didn’t help.

It’s pretty rough because I keep losing at these games, which makes me lose my confidence, and then lose my lucrative actor jobs.

Hi Yuji!

Are you running the latest version of the game, v1.09? All you should need to do is play the sport. Over time your skill will degrade, but if you play any one sport enough it should go up.

If you are using any mods you might want to reinstall the program. Your saved files should stay there, but I would recommend starting a new game and seeing if you still have the same problem.

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