The download links should last a year, but if yours has died or timed out now and you bought the game direct from positech (through BMT Micro).
just email:

Saying you need a new link, and please use the email address that was used when ordering the game.

Thank you cliff, this will be useful in the/my future ^^

Would it be possible to get a code to activate the game on steam?

Yes, on my part would it be possible to get a key to activate the Nomads and the Galactic Conquest DLC on steam?

I’m going to email you i think.

^ Same question about steam.
Also, if getting it on steam isn’t possible, how do I get a GSB download link for PC if I bought it from red marble? I found their re-download page but there is no PC download (Of course)

I thought Red Marble Games was solely the vendor for the Mac version of the game.

Yeah, I bought for mac from then, but I got (as built myself /proud) a new computer, which of course is a PC. Sooooooo that’s why I need a PC dl link.

Considering that tangled situation with the Mac OS X desktop copy of the game, I recommend sending an email to support +at+ redmarblegames +dot+ +com+ (remove the symbols first) at once and persistently following up on the matter.

I realize I haven’t posted on these forums in years and I’m bumping a 3 year old topic… I apologize for that. I just sent an email to the above address wondering whether or not it’d be possible to convert orders purchased directly from Positech and BMT Micro to steam keys. I’m not sure if it is or not, but is that email still the best way to get support on the matter?


Hello, Vazeron1! It’s good to see you again. :smiley:

Considering your situation, I’m truly unsure if emailing Cliff at that address is the best means to effect the change you’re hoping for. I have no clue how much latitude Positech’s relationship with Steam has. You’ll just have to wait and see what his reply to you says. I wish I could be more definite than that.

It’s fine! Glad to see you still hanging around.

If I recall correctly steam gives keys on demand to publishers, but honestly if I have to repurchase a great game on steam it’s not the end of the world. I’d rather not, but we’ll see.