How to get Alpha Build

I just bought the pre-order on the website and i was wondering how do i get the alpha build

You should get a mail from Humble Bundle with a download link. Click the link and select if you want to download through direct link or BitTorrent and then download. That’s how it worked for me at least.

I’m in the same boat: got the receipt from PayPal but no download link. Opened a ticket with HB and they haven’t sent it to me yet. Just said a “ninja” was assigned to investigate.

Hello, did you guys got your game, since I’m in the same boat? Also sent a ticket, also got the ninja reply…

yup, same problem around here.

same here, i really want to play, and this is really weird

Hey guys, i found out how to get it!! You have to on to the Humble Bundle website and find the order resender, or, but incase you dont trust me find the order resender and enter your email and you will get an email in the “promotions” tab with your link