How to get new hulls in designer?

I’ve made a new hull (actually a copy of the Federated fox) for a new race and I would like it to appear in the designer - how can I manage this?

Oh, wait, my new race isn’t unlocked.

… How do I unlock it?

You could just change the unlock to = 0, or is it = 1. Worth a try anyway, I need to look about a bit more in the files. :stuck_out_tongue:
Who can break Cliffs game first!

Where the heck is ‘Unlock’? See, I can’t find such a data field…

As far as I can tell the unlocked races are dynamically calculated based on the completed missions (that is, if you complete everything, they’re unlocked, if you uncomplete some missions by editing your score file, they’re locked again). If Cliffski could change it so that new races default to unlocked, that would be good.

I think Omnitronic means a whole NEW race, not unlocking the original ones.
I can’t remember where I saw the ‘Unlock’ field but there definately was one, somewhere. Whether its related to races or if it does anything is another question. Could you just add the ship to the pre-exisiting Federation Race? I really haven’t spent much time looking around the files so these are just some suggestions.

My current workaround is to build/work with the race as the federation and then move it all out to being a seperate race when I’m done with design/deployment/etc.