How to get ships to close?

I have had a problem with cruisers that im curious about. The early stages of a fight go well, as the enemy closes with my ships. However, later on in the fight, my cruisers dont seem to want to close with enemy ships. I do have engines on my cruisers, and its not battle damage thats keeping them from closing. They seem to only want to close until they get single weapon in range, and then no closer. I have even seen them stop just outside of their own weapon range, and sit there and get pummeled until they die.

Ive tried juggleing different weapon loadouts to get the same weapon range, but the game even seems to take into acount location of weapons on a single ship. So even if I put all the same weapons on a ship, the ship will only close until the furthest forward weapon is in range, leaving the aft weapons out of range.

Ive looked in orders for something like close, or “fight at point blank” or something like that, but im not seeing it.

So, I guess my question is there something I can do to fix this? Is there an order that i can issue to cause my ships to close, some setting i can change, or is it just a function of the game, and theres nothing to be done?

Adjust the range sliders on the attack cruisers/frigates/fighters orders.

If you click on the order ‘attack cruisers’ (or frigates/fighters) you will see two sliders. One is the range, the other is priority. This is set per-ship.

It appears that ships will select a target based on the priorities (and other orders), and will drive towards that target until it’s midpoint reaches the range specified. You can also click on the weaponry in the range menu to autoset the distance to that target type. It’s often good practice to set the range slightly shorter, not just for the sake of the weaponry in the rear of the ship, but for any ships trying to get in range that might be caught behind the first one. Range can be set as low as 100, which is well within the minimum range for most weaponry.

The default cruiser-attacking-cruiser range is pretty far, so it sounds like you still have some cruisers set to default ranges.

thank you guys for thw quick response, its much appreciated. I figured it would be something simple like that I just hadnt noticed:)


your question was already answered, but i want to add something:

it can depend aswell from the behavior orders.
sometimes i have the feeling, that my cruisers with the “keep moving” order tend to close in, shoot their weapons, then do a huge u-turn, flying out of the combat zone.
this can be very annoying especially with short range weapons, because there is always a small number of ships getting shot at, while the rest of the fleet is watching the show.

so you might experiment with those orders too.


Do ships fire at ships that are farther away than the distance you’ve specified in your targeting orders?

That’s what makes me scared to set a lower number. I’d like my ship to close to within say, 500 so all its weapons are in range, but I don’t want the ship to NOT fire its long-range weapons before that.

Yes, they do. Don’t worry,