How to give > x1 tax revenue multiplier

I’m currently making a mod introducing Labor Income Share, which affects tax revenue of income tax (flat one too) and corporate tax. To achieve that, I added a simulation and added following effects. (LIS is assumed to be at 60~70%)


However, it seems that modifiers I can add to MULTIPLYINCOME taxes are capped at x1. Also I can’t directly modify min/max income of those taxes. While I can still implement the dynamic gyrations in the composition of tax revenues by using x0~1 modifiers, it will greatly increase the gameplay difficulty by creating massive deficits.

for tl;dr

  • Is there any way I can give x1.5 kind of multipliers to revenue of MULTIPLYINCOME taxes?
  • Otherwise, can I directly mod min/max income of the existing policies in the policies.csv file?
  • Maybe other suggestions for implementing my idea? I’ve considered adding new situations generating/taking budget but I guess that would be quite messy.
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I believe it’s a matter of Cliff giving more leeway to modders with his game, I suppose.

It also depends on how much leeway he wants to give, but I don’t think changing x1 to x1.5 is all that much more freedom really.

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yeah though Cliff has done a great job at making the modding tools more accessible, it would have been much better if it were more powerful and less restrictive. I have abandoned several modding projects (written below) because they can’t be published through the Workshop.

  • More Realistic Initial Policies
  • Incompatible Diverted Profits Tax & Tax Haven
  • Dynamic Event & Dilemma Results
  • Name Translation (should be done via modding since names can’t be localized by settings)
  • and possibly this Labor Income Share simulation
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Maybe they will become less restrictive over time and then you can implement these. In the meantime why not implement these as much as possible?

I’ve already made Name Translation (Korean localization) available via direct download & installation and I’m on playtest of Labor Income Share mod by modifying csv files directly but this shouldn’t be distributable via Workshop (and the same goes for the others). I might try to implement the others too but not my priority as for the current status. Who would try a mod which isn’t available via workshop & is likely to cause collisions with other mods (since such mods should include the whole contents of modified csv files)?

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I guess you could put it on ModDB, with a link from the steam workshop and have a warning about potential compatibility and conflict issues (as some mods do).