How to increase "People skills" ?

I have questions about how to increase our “people skills”, i know that we can buy a book about people skills and by reading the book we can increase that skills…
But somehow after we done reading the book I dont know any other to increase the “people skills”… Please HELP…thanks

hold a social event with 4 or more guests who all enjoy themselves, OR get a job like computer helpdesk or bartender (as ir ecall) which also build up your peopleskills.

I keep holding really successful dinner parties and wine-and-cheese evenings and other social events where all eight people have a good time – yet people skills don’t increase. What gives?

Do you have the latest patch? That’s were that was installed. Warning! It will prevent older games from loading, unless you paste some config text from a new game into an old one. I’m not sure right now what exactly, but people here can tell you.

Anyone know if this bug is in the Yahoo version? I can’t seem to get my people skills over 33%. I’ve done everything I know and it doesn’t budge.


I have never had the option of being a bartendar?

bartender is a moddable downloadable job in the positech version.

do u have to know how to “mod” to get that option?

I was able to raise my People Skills to 100% on Yahoo. I read the book when I purchased it. After reading it, I sold it. Then I had lots of social function with my “cultured” friends. And finally, I re-purchased the People Skills book and read it.