How to (install) mod

Hello Cliff,

do you have a short docu regarding “How to mod”.
At the moment I’ve recognized the folder “mod” in “/democracy3/data/”, but have no idea what is to do now…

Hi there, more information will come soon, although the process is very similar to that for Democracy 2, it’s just the layout of things will be a bit easier to manage. I’ll get some articles worked on in the next week or so…

Would be great, because I’m working on a german translation. And it would be great if this will be enable/disable easily…
Because I also created mod for Democracy 2, I know what I have to change in which file. Only I don’t understand how I implement them in the mod folder…

Question: At the moment I work to translate the game to german.
More or less ~75% is ready

But at the moment I’ve a problem.
File: strings.ini
NEXTTURN (in english “Next Turn”) ==> translated to “Nächste Runde”

Well, the letter ä will be disapear InGame, means I see Ingame “Nchste Runde”.
This problem I’ve with all special characters like ä,ö,ü and ß
@Cliff: do you have an idea to solve this issue?


Hi, this is not currently solvable, you would have to just use a simple ‘a’ in that case.

Look, what I’m doing: [WIP] German Localization