how to install mods in democracy 3 on MAC

i bought the democracy 3 on steam, and wanna install some mods. i put the mods folder and file(folder and txt file)in /Users/apple/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Democracy 3/ , i can see these mods in the game-mods-mods browsers(even new country mod),but when i started a new game, there is no mod country in it, what can i do? did i install the mod correctly?

I have this problem too! please help!!

Hello! Hopefully you’re still playing Democracy 3!

Can’t believe that a guide could not be found on how to install mods for Democracy 3 on a MAC.

After much tinkering and frustration, I managed to install mods on my MAC!

Here’s how!

  1. Download the zip files of the mod that you like. (Reference:

  2. Go to the Mods folder in the application.
    i.e. Right-click on Democracy 3-Show Package Content. Contents\Resources\data\mods

  3. Here, you would want to create a .txt file for the mod that you’re installing. The mod creator should already have made this, so it is a simple drag and drop from the zip files that you’ve unzipped.

The .txt file should contain the following.

name = “sample mod”
path = “sample_mod”
guiname = “sample mod”
author = “cliffski”
description = “Mod description goes here”

You will need to change the path line of the file, but more on that later.

  1. All you have to do next is to drag and drop the zip files of the mod that you would like to install into the mod folder, ensuring that within that file, there are the following files.


note: some of the mod files do not come with the empty, mission and sound files so I had to create them. They are essentially empty files but I am uncertain if this affects the mod’s running.

  1. Lastly, remember the path line of the file? You’ll have to change it to where you have kept the file. A neat trick on the mac is to option-right-click on the files of the mod that you’ve just dragged in at step 4, and click on 'Copy “sample_mod” as path name.

You should then be able to replace the path line in the .txt file, and it should reflect as such.

name = “sample mod”
path = “/Applications/ mod”
guiname = “sample mod”
author = “cliffski”
description = “Mod description goes here”

  1. And that’s it! Ensure that the mod is activated when you run the application and enjoy the mods on MAC!

Tried this. Unfortunately running into the same issue of the mod being visible on the main menu (new countries) but once I click on play, it stays stuck on loading.

Check the bottom of this image to see how the file structure looks. Its a country mod called India.