How to Install Mods

Hey. Have JUST bought the game and registered on the boards, and already I’m posting in the modding forum! How’s that for an entrance…

Anyway: great game. More about that in the general thread. Right now I’d simply like to know how the frack I install mods. I can’t seem to find this info anywhere; I’m having a poke around the game folder and nothing’s leaping out at me.

Might be an idea to include this information in the readme (which I read all of, Cliff :laughing:) for the benefit of people who have never experienced the modding side of stuff (i.e. me).


What mods do you want to install? If you download any of mine, you should find a file in them called “auto installer”. if you unzip the folder then run it, it will install all the files for you.

As for mods that do not include this, they will often include a readme that tells you where to put all the files in the folder.

Essentially, there are two places that files usually need to go. One is My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\simulation and then in there there are folders that the files go in as relevant, and the second is C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data - for example, picture files need to go in the “bitmaps” folder or the relevant subfolder.

Hope this helps.

Hi TomPhil - thanks for the quick reply. I’d actually already read your post introducing the auto-installer. Grats on that, it’s a great tool. Unfortunately the first mod that I’ve chosen to download (trust me) is pandaman2000’s collection of new policies, which doesn’t include the installer.

Your post is explanatory, though; I’ve figured it out and am now giving out marriage and adoption rights to all and sundry :stuck_out_tongue: .

My bad :frowning:.

My mod collection was made before the installer was made available to the modding public, and I forgot to include a readme :frowning:.

But, generally, all mods are the same to install (there are exceptions-such as my inflation mod and one of TomPhill’s mods.)

I’ve installed the parts of each mod into their respective folders but when i play the game and try and open one of the modded policies the game crashed. Any ideas? (i have no experiance of modding whatsoever, as you may have guessed…)

I am having an interesting problem where I install the mods, but the space program stopped working. I did not touch any of the things related to it.

I restore the original file, and everything is fine. But I put in the mods, and all the policies are fine (including the modded ones it seems), but not the space program. Any ideas?