How to install the game on Ubuntu 11.10


First of all: I know thats a stupid question. How can I install the game on Linux (Ubuntu 11.10)? I downloaded the Humble Bundle Linux version (.tar.gz). Theres no readme in the file package, so I don`t know what to do with the files.

Thanks for your help!

Never mind :slight_smile: . ./GSB.bin-x86 does the job. I was irritated by the error message “Could not set video mode”. But after reading the forum posts I came to the conclusion that this is not a problem of a wrong installation. :wink:

You cant “install” technically, but I would be happy to show you how to create a link in your oath so you. Can run it from anywhere, also, when you (inevitably) want to use mods, check oit the script I have in the modding section, which essentially makes mods linux compatible still in its second version however