How to patch GSB on GameStop


I own GSB and all expansions via GameStop. Current version I have is 1.59. Where and how do I find and patch with 1.6. Can’t find the patch and Gamestop has not auto patched. Thx.

Hello? Anybody here? Still can’t patch to 1.6 on GameStop.

If waiting is not your strong point, send a forum Private Message to cliffski (GSB’s developer) which includes a description of your problem, or email it to him directly at the address shown here. Enjoy.

I’m sorting this out now…

If you are on Windows, try looking in
C:\Users\Your_User_Name_Here\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\patches
for the patch.

Run the patch, and when it asks you where to install the patch, use
C:\Program Files (x86)\Positech Games\Gratuitous Space Battles
for the install directory (assuming that this is where your copy of Gratuitous Space Battles is installed - I believe this is the default install path for Gratuitous Space Battles from GameStop). This should work, though you might find that the in-battle command inputs do not always work. If you’re using 32-bit Windows, you should probably look under C:\Program Files\ rather than C:\Program Files (x86), since I think that this distinction only comes up with 64-bit Windows.

This worked for me, and I also have Gratuitous Space Battles from GameStop.

The update is already available In Gamestop service.

I want to thank Cliff for his fast response! I mailed him about the issue and, bang! It was solved in just a few days.