How to recreate files in "My Games" folder?

I’ve had some issues with the game (1.75 on steam, win 10 1809) :

It looks like the game cannot write in “My Games/productionline” folder, so i tried to :

  • remove any read-only setting on the folder
  • check integrity of the files via steam
  • reinstall the game on the same disk as the system

Then i tried to fully uninstall the game (removed folder in “My Games”) and install it but the files are not created and the game won’t start : (says file not found) and there are no debug files created as well
I made a backup of the folder, when i put it back the game starts (and i can play :slight_smile: ) but i still have the save issues

I also tried to run the game on another windows account, it created the files and run without any problem
When i copy the folder from this user to mine, the game won’t start (no error popup this time)
I can’t understand what’s wrong but i’d like to know if it’s possible to have a fresh install with “My games” folder recreated

Anyway thank you for this awesome game and the time you put in it !

Hi again,

I was having similar writing issues with different programs so I tried a few things…
It turns out there was a “controlled folder access” feature enabled on my windows 10, it was preventing some programs to write in users folders.
I disabled it and everything is okay now

You can close this topic :slight_smile: