How to Reinstall the Game?

I had to do a complete system restore of my computer the other day and wanted to know if there was a way to get the game back or would i have to buy the whole thing over again?

Searched but didn’t find a thread answering this so sorry if there is.

If i remember right it was sent by email but i do not have the email anymore :frowning:

If you’re being legit about the e-mail I’m sure there’ll be enough of an electronic paper trail floating around for you to get a new download link. :I

How would i get to this “paper trail”? Would it be in my email or would i have to do something else?

Well, first of all there’s the original e-mail download. Getting rid of that would be a rather dumb thing to do, but supposing you did, I imagine there’d be enough ways to verify you really did buy it (billing stuff or whatever) to prove it and get a new e-mail. Which you hopefully would not delete.

I’m not sure what would be needed for that; I’ll leave that for when Cliff finds this thread.

ok thank for info guess now i have to wait

just email wih your name and the email address you used when ordering (assuming its bought direct and not from steam etc)

ok email is sent