how to reset achievement progress

so i switched from the non steam version to the steam version, and uninstalled the game when i did so, the game kept track of my achievements from the original install, but did not award the existing achievements on steam

those are stored in the file ach.dat in the path documents>My Games> Production Line

if you delete that file it will reset your ingame achievements thus awarding you the chance to earn them again(incase steam only triggers off of them being awarded ingame)

I figured i’d pass this along just in case anyone else is an achievement hunter like me and wants to not risk not getting achievements.

Update: even after resetting achievements this way steam is not firing achievements for me. so i assume achievements are disabled inspite of the fact some poeple have gotten some according to the steam global achievement comparison

I’m going to look into steam achievements, it seems they aren’t triggering as they should.