How to reset the unlocked items

Hi all,

I want to start this game a new from the beginning and deinstalled / installed it again to reset the unlocked items and the unlocked maps but the game remembered it somehow even after uninstalling.

Is there any way I can reset my game progress?

Thank you for the answer in advance!


I also need this, how to reset the game.

I played the game from the start (It was easier back then) and want to play the “normal” game. Also my game seems stuck in a status where I can’t get more races (I have the 2 first unlocked).

You have to delete the unl.dat in you cfg folder. If you have an older version of the game than 1.26 you have to search in the mygame folder. Somewhere roams the unl.dat. :wink:

@ Teiman,

you can always play a scenario with less spended cost to earn more honour. If you don’t want to, you can alter the ammount of accumulated honour in the unl.dat cough cheating :wink:

Thanks a lot!

Eich do you by any chance also know how to start the automated update from 1.27 to 1.28 again?

My comp crashed while the installer-window was open (install was not yet started) but after restart of the computer I did not receive this installer window from the automated update again :frowning:

well, you could go to your e-mail and re-download the link for GSB. it’s fully updated every patch. :smiley:

I fear this wont solve the problem with the patch, I have bought the game on Impulse and only the update (Tribes) from this website.

I already tried to download it again but its still version 1.27 :frowning:

The save data is in the “My Games” folder in “my documents.” Just delete the GratuitousSpaceBattles folder. (Caution! Just move it if you change your mind!)
This folder keeps EVERYTHING including ship designs and such. Its a total reset.