How to update my game?

I have no idea how. I’m stuck with 1.56.

Things you could try.

  • Redownload the game (in theory it should be the latest version v1.63)
  • make sure your online details are correct, then it should get the next update.

This doesn’t really help; I don’t know where I can redownload it, and I’m not sure where I can change the details.

Well, where did you purchase it from originally ?
(You should still be able to get it from there)

Easy - you just have to enter the details again in the online section

I bought the game from positech. And WHERE is the online bit. That’s my problem.

If you bought it from Positech then it means you used BMT Mirco. They have good support

Your next challenge is to send them an email (preferably with their original email attached) and they will resend you a link to download the game.

Well, problem is, my parents bought the game for me a while ago, and have changed their email since (Virgin stopped their email service) so now I’m stuck, basically.

not really, if you can send an email to BMT Micro confirming which email address the order originated from and the name on the credit cad that was used, they should be able to do something.

I sent them an email stating parent’s old email address and what I need. Will wait.