how to use run while inactive...?

how the hell do i do it? i want to take a pic with snapz pro, because when i do a zoomed-in pic with the GSB screenshot-takiing program, it takes the pic zoomed all the way out! in order to do that, i need to know how to activate the run while inactive option. i activate it in the options menu, but nothing happens. help?

Are you just trying to take a screenshot? in which case the printscreen key does that and stores it in the \mydocuments\gratuitous space battles folder. If you switch on run inactive, you can then use alt+tab to switch to a different program (or if in windowed mode, highlight another window).

ah, but i want to take a zoomed-in screenshot. the game takes one fully zoomed out. i’ve tried before.

You could try third-party software such as: … shots.html
Basically, GSB is designed to be about as compatible as it is possible for a DirectX game to be. It runs on everything but my iPhone; so you should be able to use just about any helper utility out there and have it work.

gah, i already have a program to take pics with. all i need to know is how to use run while inactive. and now cliff has told me.