How to use the mods?

Forgive the undoubtedly foolish questions, but how do you use the mods? I have seen bunches of text for different mods, but could not figure out where to copy and paste them. Probably something simple, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Also, I downloaded the Kudos demo from Big Fish and then bought it, is that version different than the version I would have downloaded/bought here? Do I need to install a patch?



Hey there :slight_smile:

There are several different locations for things.

My Documents/Kudos/Mods/Jobs - put new jobs in here as seperate notepad files, with the title of the job as the title of the document.

The rest all go in various files of your Kudos folder, mostly in Data\Simulation, that will be located in your “Program Files” on the main drive (usually C).

Open the programs in notepad, copy and paste the code into it, then save and close:

hook_eveningclasses - evening classes for new jobs/skills
soloevents - ONLY events you do on your own
socialevents - ONLY events you do with your friends
interests - many new jobs/events may need an interest added so that people will want to do them
And so on. They’re labelled rather easily, thankfully.

nv codes go into your strings file, located in the main data folder. Just open it up with notepad, scroll down until you get to the massive nv section near the bottom, and stick the new code in there. :slight_smile:

As for the version your using, unfortunately it can’t be patched. You should have a relatively good version of the game, although different from the actual positech version. If you want to update with new things, you’ll have to create your own mods for them.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: