How to win the lottery

lmao … made you look, eh ?? :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

atm, nobody seems to know what could go into cheats.txt so to “[color=red]win” the lottery …
save your game
exit program(me)
find your saved game file
search for the first
enter your winnings
save file

… then restart game.

But you prolly already knew that :open_mouth: :unamused:

im still confused :open_mouth: where can you “enter your winnings” because all the stuff under my saved game file is set and i can’t change anything on there so how does that work…or does it?

You don’t really win the lottery :open_mouth: :astonished:

If only that worked in real life.

Hmmm, it works OK in my real life. I haven’t won the lottery yet … maybe tonite :open_mouth:

cookiesNcream : atm my first cash is [color=blue]4133.405. IF I wanted to win a million on the lottery then I’d “enter the winnings” as 1004133. Got it now ?? :laughing: :unamused:

when i open the cheats.txt file theres nothing in it just a blank page :confused:

That’s what is in my cheats file too :unamused:

But you don’t look in there … whatever name you gave the file when you saved it is where to look :open_mouth:
In my version it saves as “default” if you don’t give a name.

i dont need it since i use the starting cash cheat and the salary cheat.

Is it possible to win the lottery without this cheat?

I think so I’m not too sure tho.

The very high random chance is about 1 in a 5 million :cry:

it’s not possible to win the lottery even in real life!
(this game is very realistic)

ok, what’s the salary cheat? That could be quite useful to me :wink:

Some peeps have, lucky sods :angry: 8) :confused:

Look in jobs.csv, Min Salary and Max Salary, alter to suit.
imho some of them are a bit out and changing them to something more realistic would help.

ok, having issues… :confused: I try to alter the salary in jobs.csv, but it won’t save. It just reverts back. (I am using Google Docs/Spreadsheets to open and save the file–if I should be using something else, pls let me know).

Also, I was looking at saved game data–all I have are XML files. Is that correct, and if so, how can I alter that?

Thanks for any help!

The only thing I use of Google’s is their Search, so can’t comment on any of their other stuff … obvious, eh ??

Anyway, the csv files are basically text files and can easily be edited using good ol’ Notepad :confused:
I swear by it and sometimes swear at it :slight_smile: :exclamation:

Or you could use csvedit … do a search cos I haven’t got the uri since my HD got wiped clean.

The xml files are basically text files too so Notepad to the rescue … again ! :unamused:

If you Open xml files they usually open up in the browser.
Diffcult to edit.

Not csvedit but csved.
Here’s a link …