HP Games Issue?

I purchased Kudos 2 from HP Games (WildTangent) and have the issue where visiting the restaurants (usually only the most expensive ones) sometimes causes black screens and crashes. (If I have the game set to full screen, it will crash so that I have to manually reboot the comp.) I know there was a patch to fix this, of course, using a wrapper version of the game, I cannot use the patches offered here on the site.

The version of the game they have up for download is Version 1.04 Final. I’ve mentioned to them needing the patches, and they indicated they would contact Positech and ask about getting a new version. Is it wishful thinking for me to hope that will happen? Going to the ballet all the time to satisfy my sophisticated friends because I can’t visit restaurants is getting expensive :(.

They haven’t even attempted to contact me :frowning: I will try and get a new version to them…

They never did get back to me. :frowning: Every time since I’ve asked they’ve said they are “working on it.”