HTML5 - The future of gaming industry

While HTML has become obsolete after nearly two decades, the appearance of HTML5 is like a “salvation” for the future of today’s gaming industry.
Looking back on the development history of HTML, from the latest version - version 4.01 (1999) to more than 10 years later, the platform is almost at a standstill. And with the rapid development of network technology, older versions of HTML have become obsolete and are no longer compatible with today’s complex web applications.

However, after nearly two decades, the introduction of HTML5 not only fills the big gap of the old version but also serves as the foundation for the technological development of the future. This new platform allows websites written in HTML5 to be compatible with all current browsers. HTML5 creates a unity thanks to common language. Therefore, web and application developers only need to create a single version for all platforms. And users can easily interact directly such as watching videos, interacting games, … on the website without having to install additional programs, thereby freeing up the resources of the computer from having to carry on dozens of buggy extensions

afaik browser games are super-limited by browsers, they cannot take as many computer resoucres as a standalone exe game,and not as effectively.

playing browser games on mobile is also struggle