hull boosts, what are they?


I spent a while trying to identify all the hull boosts that are able to be used on ships. I suppose I could have just looked inside my game install and read the hulls’ textfiles, but I was feeling a bit lazy; sorry.

I am looking for a damage-increasing boost. I have no clue if there is one. But if someone knows what boosts there is and can list em here for all us modders to look upon, that would be great.

I am looking to try increasing the damage that my destroyers do and not have to make a new set of modules JUST for the Destroyers.

The bonuses that I know are


thats it - you have them all.
we do not have a rangeboost or damageboost for individual hull.
However you can globaly change the range / damage of weapons in a mission


The list I have generated from the GSB data files says that the core game used:

INTEGRITYBOOST - modifies the amount of total hit points a ship’s installed modules have
SPEEDBOOST - modifies the amount of total thrust generated by all engines on a ship
POWERBOOST - modifies the amount of total power produced by all power generators on a ship
SHIELDBOOST - modifies the amount of total damage absorbed by all shields on a ship
ARMOURBOOST - modifies the amount of total damage absorbed by all armour plating on a ship

And the Swarm DLC later added:

COSTBOOST - modifies the total price that all modules aboard a ship will cost you