Hull editor not saving? [Resolved]

The --Very raw, I know-- Hull editor isn’t saving my ship designs, I would do it manually but it is tiring and i’m hoping to get in quite a few extra ships for a personal (possibly public at some point? :stuck_out_tongue: ) mod.

Any one have any ideas on how to fix this? :slight_smile:

By the way, it makes a clicking kind of sound when I select save, it’s not grayed out.

Windows 7, 2GB graphics (Radeon, AMD)

Any details I may have missed?

Greetings Black Snow and welcome to the forums.

Question: are your ship designs modifications of existing ships or are they new hull files ?
Reason as to why I ask is that if your creating new hull files - before you start the editor, make sure you have the headings in place.
(Its about the only thing i can think of at this point in time that might prevent you from saving your ship design)

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m editing a ship design I created previously (Using the text files).

Although i’m putting the files directly into my GSB data instead of a folder in the root, don’t think that would make a difference.

Also, something I have remembered just now is that when i close the editor to go back to the game the options/infobox on the right side stays on the screen above the main menu and all the other screens, I can also click on the options on that page when it’s like this.

I’m really glad that you mentioned that – yes, that’s “normal” here (or at least commonplace, lol).

But based on the way you phrased that, I am concerned that after using the Hull Editor, you might then be performing other functions in GSB or even starting to play a mission. If so, please don’t do that. The Hull Editor feature is known to be permanently unfinished as well as permanently unstable to a degree. After saving (or in your case, trying to save) a modded hull textfile in the editor, it is strongly recommended to always and immediately quit the game and then restart it before doing any further GSB things. “Things” also emphatically includes opening a second hull textfile and going to work on it via the Hull Editor after having modded and saved a previous file in the same session; that’s asking for trouble, as players have had problems over the years when innocently doing that very thing.

In the event that you had not been doing so, I wonder if file corruption from the somewhat buggy Hull Editor might be the source of your troubles. At least by adopting this suggested workflow, that’s another big variable that’s been eliminated in trying to solve your problem.

In the event that you have already been using the Hull Editor in a safe way, we’ll have to triage your present difficulties a bit further. :wink: I encourage other modders to add their own thoughts here for Black–snow’s sake.

Oh, It was merely an observation, I always quit the game after attempting an edit, I still have to do Hulk textures and other modules so I usually go to work on that while I try to think of a reason why it might not be saving.

So far i’ve thought this:

“Maybe the few misplaced things that I can’t delete like the damage boxes that hang off the ship are being registered in the editor.”

On a side note I also need some help with the Engine trails, could someone explain the layout for the engine trails? Also, what are all the Data Items available for use on modules?

Bump, Anyone?

I don’t want to have to manually place every single module/damage/hulk. D:

While i am no longer on the front lines, If you want I can offer some “live tech support”.
By using gmail and the chat function contained there within - we should be able to get you modding again.

Send me a PM if/when you have spare time to do some fault finding.

Issue resolved:
For anyone else reading this, it appears that it was a file permissions error on the GSB Directory.