Hull Editor

Its seen in a couple of your screenshots, I assume its a debug mode kinda thing, think we could have access to it?

I don’t think there are screenshots of it??? It is really rough. Polishing it up and releasing it is something on my long term plans. I’m not waiting to make it look pretty, just to make it vaguely in any way consistent and usable by anyone who didn’t code it.
Right now the editor only does this:

lets me define damage sprite locations
lets me define targets and their particle emmiters
lets me define hull breakup areas
positions and scales, chooses engine glow sprites
positions, scales and chooses flashing lights
positions and edits module locations on the blueprint, and hardpoints for turrets
positions the particle emmiters for hull damage

There is a ton of stuff it doesn’t do yet, which is still amazingly edited in a text editor.

There’s a screenshot or two of other stuff where you can see the button for it :wink:

I was just curious on it, that sounds amazingly helpful just by its name alone, and after you saying what it does it makes it sound just plain awesome. Currently going by “guessing” coordinates for stuff is driving me insane. … 0992_n.jpg

Theres the pic :wink:

I should set aside some time to do this, even if its a command line option to start it, just so modders have an easier life. I’ll be tweaking it once I work on the next expansion ships anyway.

I love you.

I love you even more then the guy above me, I also think that a scenario creator and a way to have literal multiplayer and random scenarios, perhaps you can make an AI for randomly choosing ships for the enemy side until it runs out of credits or pilots. Then picks random orders for each ship and then gives you a mild challenge, since you have no idea what you are up against.

I would try to code these things myself, but I would need your permission, and learn to code in C++, and have to spend alot of time instead of making my mod :stuck_out_tongue: