Hull Editor

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News Flash:
Red Marble games is now planning on adding the hull editor to Mac. And if you provide proof of purchase, then they will provide with with the windows copy of any content that you have purchased.

That’s outstanding news, cstar! Thanks for sharing it with us. :smiley:

Did they mention an estimate of when it might be available?

No, they said that most of the code was already there and that they would try to enable it.

Thanks for the clarification. The inability of our Mac-playing bretheren to gain native OS X access to the same Hull Editor that us Windows players have enjoyed for nearly a year and a half has been a major disincentive for them to consider undertaking any serious mod projects of their own. Thank goodness that this is finally going to change.

I really do think that Red Marble Games should have taken this step long before now, though. :confused: The only consolation I can take from this is “better late than never”.

This is great news! I’ve been wondering if I should just use the Windows version of GSB to develop my mod, but now it looks like I will have the option to do it natively rather than through a VM. Maybe the next step is to build an Automator task to convert Windows mods to Mac mods (and vice-versa of course)