[Hull] Steel Dragon

A new hull I been working on. Just gotta finish up the damage sprite.

And here’s Leviathan, a giant space whale.

Steel Dragon

Whoah O.O
Now that is very cool - Judging from the stats it looks like it is one very heavily armed and armored Steel Dragon.
Any chance that you will make some more and turn it into a new race later on ?

Omg just look at the power lvl darkstar.
It has the strenght of at least 8 cruiser.
I dont know if this meant to be a capital
ship or a dreadnought but it sure looks

Can i suggest making it a Swarm capital ship?

… It cant be a swarm capital since it
has a dragonhead T_T . Swarm ships are
gold looking birds.

Maybe. Depending on how many I got done.

I made another hull. This time a giant space whale.

This mod is awesome, really, but one request. Please sir, do not overpower this awesome mod, that would ruin it.

Hmm, so far we have seen 2 very large heavily armed “cruisers”

Here is a thought:
So far in all the races, the ships have been roughly the same size. Maybe we are witnessing the first ever space fairing race of giants ? So their fighters are the size of frigates and so forth. The race name could be along the lines of, Barbarians, Colossus, Titans, Vikings

thats honestly not such a good idea considering the limits in this game and the problems it would cause…
so far we have routinely seen frigates firing under the shields of huge ships… if i ever see that happen with cruisers,ill scrap the game and go play Unreal :stuck_out_tongue:

I already saw that. All the ships that are bigger than the standard original game limits 256x256, will notice every ship near to pass throught the shields. I never saw that in the game, but doing tests with my mods i noticed that bug with cruisers, not only with fighters and frigates.

About the huge ships, the problem is that u think a super huge ships must be a super ship with 50 slots, and thats not true. Big doesnt mean more slots , maybe a bit more, but not to the point that u need 3 hours to fill the slots in the ship xD. Its better to give a huge ships some bonuses instead of making the hull full of slots. And besides, a huge ship doesnt mean to be a war ship, it can be a super carrier, a mothership or watever u want.

Those two are gorgeous!
Can’t wait to get them into the game.
(and can’t wait to get oversize sprites into the mac version)

very cool lookin ships man…better than I can make lol, and if you’ve been following the unity vs union you’ve seen what I can do.

anyways, at the risk of putting my 2 cents in…I like the first one a LOT better

Keep making more ships maybe some
dragon class frigate.

Your dragon is most impressive. Kudos to you, good sir! My frigate patrols would not like to bump into that in a dark nebula, even if they were armed with EMP missiles to stun it until cruiser backup could arrive. :smiley:

Would you consider making the head roughly one-half larger? It’s small enough that, to my eye, it gets lost amidst the wonderful distraction of the beautifully-detailed wing structures. The six spikes just aft of the head are fine as they are.

Cetaceans in vacuum…cool concept. :slight_smile: I wonder if adding a mildly bluish hue to the silver might help strengthen the whale concept. Alternatively, some sections could be a dark charcoal gray (nearly black) and others could be white, if you wished to evoke an orca’s coloration.

The only part of the whale hull that fails to please me 100% concerns the length of the forward “fins”. If they lost a segment or two such that they were about half as long as they are now, that would visually “click” into the whale concept for me much more. At present, the long fins look rather too much like wings for me to see the whole beast as a sea creature instead of a bird creature. Keeping them more stubby and ending closer to the main body seems better to my eye. Just my two cents, of course.

Either of these fearsome designs would make an intriguing “lone space monster” to be beaten, lest it ravage the spacelanes and bring commerce to a stop. Very nice work on both of them!

any chance of this mod getting released anytime soon?

bump… is the creator still active?

The creator of these hulls is 123stw . . its more like “when is he not active”. Therefore i might suggest that you should change your question to be something like

123stw, i wish to politely inquire into your progress on these rather unique hulls

Kind Regards

P.S. - Gimme !

Lol it’s stuck at the balance issues again… Quite similar to my Ancient Mod. But then I might just release the imbalanced version if I can’t figure what to do with them.

Since my guide is pretty much done, and has a comfortable amount of sample challenges, I should have more time to modding.

Yeah, just release it and we’ll balance it ourselves (hopefully).

completely awesome!!! please share it with us :slight_smile: