Hull unlocks bug?

Hi! Picked up the game yesterday and I’ve encountered a bug: some of my hull unlocks haven’t actually unlocked the thing they said they did. (or, as far as I can tell, anything)

I think this may be related to serial number entry. The first few games I played, I hadn’t visited the user profile menu so I didn’t have a profile set up. After two of my battles I was told I’d unlocked a hull, but neither time did the hull I’d unlocked appear. The third time I unlocked something, I’d set up a user profile and logo, but hadn’t entered my serial number because I wasn’t sure what was supposed to go there. I later made the assumption that the “Game Registration Code” in the purchase e-mail was supposed to go there. The next battle that I unlocked a hull in, the hull appeared.

So, that’s my bug report. One related question and possible bug:

-Is my game state now broken? Will the game see that I don’t have those hulls and later give them to me in a future unlock, or does the code that gives out the unlocks think it’s given them to me and I’ll need to clear out my game data (resetting my progress) or be stuck without those hulls? Obviously, this will eventually become apparent but I figured I’d ask up-front in case the latter is true.

-I noticed the first time I launched my game after creating a user profile, it hung trying to connect to a server until I cancelled the attempt. During that play session I entered my serial code, and the next time I launched the game it tried to connect to a server and pretty quickly succeeded and did its business. Assuming the first time hung because I didn’t have my serial number entered, rather than network or server flakiness, you might want to add an error message informing the user why it’s not successfully connecting. (and, for that matter, prompting the user to create a user profile the first time they launch the game might be a good idea if you want the users to be entering their serial number, as would clearing up what the serial number is and where they can find it)

Just got my answer to the first question- I just received an unlock I’d “unlocked” before, but this time it worked.

Hi. The unlocks stuff isn’t actually dependent on your online profile being set up, so don’t worry.
Regarding unlocks not working, are you maybe misunderstanding that unlock dialog? You are (if you win) given a choice of two unlocks, but only the one you select actually unlocks, the other one will get re-offered later.