Hullmaking (Size) Help

Hello everyone.

First off, GSB is my new favorite game. After visiting the forums I have decided to give making my own ships a try.

I’ve read and understand how to use to get an image of a ship into the game, the only thing I’m worried about is the size of the ships.

From what I understand, the ship image has to be 512x512 in size. How do you determine how large a ship appears in-game? Are fighters really only 20x20 pixels, for example?
What confuses me is that would mean 512x512 is the largest a ship can be, but I’ve seen some pictures of friggin huge ships in-game.

So basically, how do you determine scale, and if you somehow get a ship bigger than 512x512, how does it fit into the ship loadout screen?

Thanks for any help.

ALL the ship sprites that are already in the game are 512x512 (it can be bigger or smaller, the only difference is quality), just happens that the size of ships ingame is determined by a text file :stuck_out_tongue:

Specificaly, each hull has a determined width and lenght. Be careful because the width limit is around 256 (I think it was bigger, but in some computers changes), a value bigger than that will crash the game when the ship explodes.

Not for long:

well i guess thats why my cruiser were crashing ;|

but theres hope! :smiley: