There are many hulls to download in this forum if you searched, but it all depends on “what are you looking for” ?

A) Do you want more fantastic ship designs to use ?

  • If so, there are many mods that have hulls in them already. SirJamon has painstakenly made a list

B) Do you want some hulls to boost a vannila race ?

C) Are you looking for new hulls for your mod

  • if so, then head over to a search engine of your choice, pick your favorite scifi series and search for those ships.
    we have a few mods already that are using scifi ships . . if you want to do a first you could choose Battlefleet Gothic Warhammer 40K

Someone really needs to do a Necron fleet for GSB. A repair module with a peace_interval of 0 and a high rate of repair would fit in just fine :slight_smile:

Make em’ yourself…

I think what Randy is trying to say is “If you want a thing done well, it’s best to do it yourself.”

I think Randy is saying that for us to help a person, that person has to also help themself. It’s hard to see the effect of any advice we give when the person just makes a string of posts of the form “Tell me how to do x”, particularly when he has already been referred to information (stickied information at that) which details how to do many instances of x.

The words of Randy have many meanings.

I think Randy is saying: “Make em’ yourself…”

My words are somewhat ambiguous…

If “Make it yourself…” is ambiguous, I fear to read a paragraph from you!

Mere words cannot contain the sheer specificity (it’s a real word) of more than a moment of Randy’s speech. Were he to command us, no mortal man could withstand him.

Randy is saying:
Modern society has some serious issues, like laziness, and how we all expect robots to do our bidding. We want everything easy, and so we ask politely, or sometimes not so politely. We all need to change out ways to make this world function right, rather than ordering each other around. (Sorry trying to get my inner Tribe on).

So you see, his words are simply a .zip version of his message.
Now get me a sandwich, I’m hungry.

we have all these replys and yet DYL8000 has not come back to let us know what he really wanted . .
i hope we didn’t scare him off :slight_smile:

Randy did it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what the new guy wanted is on the left.

The new guy himself can be seen in the right-side background. It’s kinda hard to tell, due to all of the uncontrollable plasma venting and space-to-surface bombs “cooking off” within the hull. Wow, I always wondered what happens when you try to heat one of those things in a microwave oven. Next time, put some plastic-wrap on top first to catch all of the crewmen being sucked into space. [-entire mod forum shakes-] Hey, is that what a catastrophic power-plant failure sounds like???

Randy’s “hospitality committee” can be seen in the foreground. No doubt they’re congratulating themselves on extending a fine welcome to someone who might have someday been a good member of the modding community. Maybe the n00b will write back. [-another massive explosion-] Let’s give him time to do some damage control, though. He looks really busy right now.

OK, sarcasm aside, the kind of clueless, “i can’t be bothered, JUST GIMME” demand made by the noob is a surefire way to unite the modders against you and make your demand sink like a stone, never to be fulfilled. That’s not the way to get what you want, and it’s also really disrespectful to the rest of us who mod. Just sayin’.

DYL8000’s greatest hits (in order):

5th Feb

  • what is the spiret creater”, given answers to the (quite vague) question, never replied back.
  • how do i create ships plese tell me what to do”, referred to Modding 101, replied with “i can’t find out where i can make ships”, pointed towards some graphics programs, replied with “i have drawn a hull on paint now what do i do”, given more in-depth answers, never replied back.

10th Feb

  • PLESE CAN SOMEONE PASTE ANY DOWNLOADABLE HULLS HERE”, was given a very nice response, never replied back and the thread went off topic.

I’m sorry Archduke, but he very much gave the impression that he wasn’t willing to find out anything for himself. Particularly as he never replied back to let us know what he did, what problems he had, or any real questions at all, just more demands for information.

DYL8000, if I’m wrong then please reply back and let us know (and take away some of my cookies).

lol- I remember my first post here- I was at least as noobish as he was (maybe less- remember that “How do I install it?” post?). And look how I turned out to be- an ego maniac bent on making huge hulls… Are you sure that you want the possibility of more me’s?

Sure ! - whats the worst that could happen ?

All of the me’s collaborate to make the largest ship sprite in history and somehow destroy the universe as it would require such large amounts of resources to build devices capable of storing the data that there ends up being not enough matter to keep the universe from collapsing onto itself…
But, that’s not that bad, is it?

It’s OK, Kemp, you made a good case for your views. I think that your assessment is correct. I often try to give folks the benefit of the doubt (maybe too often) when they do something questionable, which is how I reacted to DYL8000. Perhaps it’s just my utopian socialist let’s-all-be-buddies side speaking?

Nonetheless, I still think I had found the perfect pic for the situation at hand. :wink:

That’s a nice side, maybe I should apply that more often (or for longer).

Though, does that mean that when I become Overlord of Earth I’ll have to consider not enslaving the whole of humanity and forcing them to build a three mile high statue of me?

Haha you guys xD im so glad i wasn’t welcomed into the GSB forums like that xD