Humble Bundle Key Not Working For GSB Online

So in early September, I purchased the Humble Bundle that included Gratuitous Space Battles. Today, I finally play it (I had it installed a while ago because I hopingly thought I would have time to play it [hahahahahaha]).

Since I had also used the Steam key that I received from the bundle, I was running the game through Steam, so it gave me a pop-up notification that I will have to enter in a serial number (that Steam somehow knew) in-game for verification. Went to find it, found it in the Online section of the game.

I pasted in the key both with and without dashes (in case that would have made a difference) but both times it gave me a “Key Invalid” message.

I don’t know why this is happening since this is the first I’ve seen this key, and there are no indications of any security breaches on my computer or Steam account, but I was just curious to see the online play. If I’m remembering correctly from GSB’s newsletters before the game even came out (I’ve been watching you guys for a while), there’s a spectator feature? Maybe that’s a different game, but I’ve been wanting to do even that.

I will gladly post/PM the key I was supplied by Steam if a staff member asks me for it.

Thanks and cheers from Albuquerque, NM

Hi there, 99 times out of 100 that error simply means your firewall blocked the game. It needs to verify with our server (not steam) and some firewalls will block this by default, so make sure it lets the game connect online and the code should go through ok.
The GSB code and a STEAM code look very similar, but ours is a bit shorter


make sure you use the right one, they are very different things.

Hi, got the same probleme here with the new humble bundle and i make sure before posting that my firewall was off when i try to redeem my online code witch i also make sure was not the steam code.

What can i do ?