Humongous List of Suggestions

Last updated 24 March 2021

This is an attempt to compile all of the suggestions I’ve seen that have not been addressed. Some may purposefully be unaddressed, some may be pure oversights. I’ve included everything I’ve seen that was short enough to fit on the list, even suggestions I don’t agree with.

Feel free to post more below, all! As you add more, I’ll edit this post to include them, assuming I can still edit it, and remove them as they’re implemented / addressed.

  • Exploits / bugs:

    • FIXED!
  • Nation Setup & Pre-Game Menu Screens

    • When you select a country there are a few sliders and things to toggle. Could you add a button that resets the sliders? Not a big deal, but if you move a few sliders and want to revert the changes before you start then you have to close the box, start a new game, and then select the country again. (credit for idea to Downunder)
  • Assassination:

    • ADDED! Internet Censorship (banning extremist content online) does not make the leader safer
    • ADDED! gun ownership rights (IE make it harder for would-be assassins to get guns) do not make leader safer
    • ADDED! Microchips don’t make the leader safer from assassination, but ID cards do
  • Law & Order:

    • Press Freedom, Internet Censorship, and General Media Censorship don’t interact with each other or conflict. (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • ADDED! Right to Privacy and Mandatory Microchips/Wiretapping can coexist.
    • ADDED! Gun ownership policy doesn’t affect Armed Religious Groups – religious groups can’t get armed if they can’t get guns
    • Ghettos don’t affect conservative happiness or housing availability (Real Estate Bubble). (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • ADDRESSED! Polarization has no effects at all. EDIT- it has an invisible effect, where radicalization becomes more common.
    • “Ban Foreign Church Service” effects become rather ludicrous when contemplated on more than a surface level. Looking at Religious Ethnic minorities its hard to see why they would like the policy (“As a religious person im glad the Government banned Church service of my Religion”). Similarly its hard to see why a non-Religious, non-Liberal Ethnic minority would object to the policy anymore than the average person.
    • ADDED! Strict Intellectual Property Rights don’t affect the black market situation
    • ID cards could use balancing at its various scales – “heavily enforced” is not that different from “optional”
    • ADDRESSED! Gay Marriage doesn’t affect equality or gender equality
  • Economy:

    • ADDED! Trade Unionist happiness & membership is unaffected by Labor Day Holiday, but socialist happiness is.
    • Consumer Rights don’t affect corporate exodus.
    • Skill Shortage, Brain Drain, and Technology Backwater don’t affect one another. (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • Compulsory water meters & desalination plants don’t affect the water industry
  • Foreign Policy:

    • National Service doesn’t affect the generational wealth gap, gender equality (assuming only men are drafted unless it’s set to its extremes), or economic measures like unemployment/GDP/productivity (since all these people are in the military instead of working). (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • International Fusion Research Project doesn’t interact with the Nuclear Fission policy & visa versa.
    • Immigration: no negative effects from mandatory national service, happiness of everyone, & low democracy (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
  • Transportation:

    • Congestion charging should please capitalist (credit for idea to @javive11 )
    • ADDED! Telecommuting has no effect on productivity
    • ADDED! Closing Airports Completely doesn’t affect State Airline cost/effect but does affect the Air Travel Tax.
    • ADDED! Closing all airports does not conflict with state airline or any air-related taxes.
    • ADDRESSED! Closing all airports has no effect on corporate exodus
    • Many of the environmental harms of cars do not have a link to traffic congestion. Lower combustion temperatures lead to messier combustion and therefore dirtier exhaust. Yes, more CO2 is produced by burning more fuel, but every other pollutant is worse at lower temperatures.
    • Car emissions limits and other car related environmental policies continue to provide full benefit, even if car usage is drastically reduced (I would suggest they should put a less than 1 multiplier on the harmful effects of cars rather than a direct benefit)
    • The policy “fuel efficiency standards” negatively impact the environment by increasing car usage and not affecting the environment directly, only C02 emissions
    • Fuel Efficiency Standards aren’t impacted by Electric Car Transition – if everyone’s driving electric, fuel efficiency is likely irrelevant.
    • Biofuels do not negatively impact the Environment despite turning more forests into corn farms
    • Motorist membership increases by 20% from 0% oil price, even when electric car transition is at 100%
    • PARTIALLY ADDED! Rail usage could increase bus & bike usage – plenty of people use railways to get to a downtown area, then a bus or bike to get to their office.
    • ADDED! Banning cars in cities does not increase rail usage, bus usage, or bikes usage, which makes it seem like people would walk everywhere
  • Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, & Organized Crime:

    • Alcohol consumption should link to obesity due to the high calorie count in many alcoholic beverages (credit to @Rabid for idea)
    • Capitalists don’t care about legalized drugs/alcohol.
    • ADDED! Organized Crime is unaffected by alcohol policy – if a player has prohibition, wouldn’t that encourage mafias, speakeasys, etc?
    • Organized crime doesn’t affect drug addiction. (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • Drug addiction does not have any relation to private healthcare (opioid abuse is much-easier with private doctors using separate databases than one, universal, government-run database monitoring prescription amounts, and bogus luxury “rehab” centers also exist)
    • Very high state health service does not directly affect tobacco usage (IE nicotine patches, stop-smoking programs, etc offered at hospital) (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • ADDED! Drug addiction goes away VERY quickly when you reduce drug law – it does not make sense for drug addiction to disappear in 1-2 turns, as IRL drug addictions last for years if not decades in many people. In-game you can instantly end drug addiction by reducing drug policy.
    • BEING DISCUSSED! Alcoholism goes away VERY quickly when you increase the drinking age – alcohol addiction should not disappear so quickly or easily.
    • Armed police policy directly affect drug addiction – why? Shouldn’t they only affect, potentially, organized crime, which would then theoretically reduce drug addiction?
    • Social care, youth club subsidies, prisons, and corruption (corruption meaning shady police) have no impact on drug addiction or alcoholism (credit for idea to Darkmark8910 & one other user whose username I forget)
    • Legalizing prostitution does not reduce crime (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
  • Taxation:

    • State schools, school vouchers and school tax credits do not impact parent opinion
    • ADDRESSED! Air travel taxes remain in effect when Closing Airports Completely is also in effect
    • Motorists are angered by petrol tax & the country is hit deeply by the negative equality effect of the policy, even when electric car usage is at 100% & income of petrol tax is $0.00.
    • ADDED! Cost of Marriage Tax Allowance policy unaffected by Gay Marriage (allowing gay marriages = more marriages = more allowances = more cost)
    • Tax evasion unaffected by tax credits - to get tax credits you gotta file taxes. (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • Married tax allowance should increase parent income (credit for idea to @raxo2222 )
  • Food Policies:

    • City Farms don’t help with obesity (food deserts would theoretically go down with city farms) (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • enhanced animal rights (IE hunting & farming policies) should reduce the amount of plant-based diets, as potential non-plant-eaters have less reason to feel bad for the animals – conversely, environmental membership should increase it, as some people go flexitarian to help the environment (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • the mad cow disease event has no impact on plant-based diets (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • Plant Based diets should reduce the impact of the Antibiotics ban on the Income and Opinion of Farmers. (Farmers wouldn’t raise Animals, if there was no market for them).
    • hunting policy doesn’t affect plant-based diets (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
  • Strikes & Protests:

    • Private workers don’t strike, but public workers do, so cancelling all public schools / public healthcare / public railways makes teacher / doctor / rail strikes end instantly. (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • Hospital overcrowding should increase doctor strike
    • ADDED! High Speed Rail has no effect on rail strikes
    • Teacher shortage has no effect on teacher’s strike, or visa versa
    • High education has no downsides whatsoever – higher education could lead to more protests (as people are more informed about their government & wrongdoing) and/or underemployment (credit for idea to Darkmark8910 & 1 other user)
  • Incomes & Earnings:

    • ADDRESSED! Rent Controls don’t increase the income of the poor/youth nor decrease inflation.
    • ADDRESSED! Hyperinflation doesn’t decrease middle income earnings or cause capital flight.
    • Higher wages decrease productivity
    • No link between poor earnings and poverty - the minimum wage impact on poverty should be indirect, making a stop through poor earnings. There are people who are technically paid better than minimum wage, but still impoverished.
  • Environment & Energy:

    • Clean energy subsidies should increase GDP in the same way that nuclear fission and oil drilling subsidies do (credit to @javive11 for idea)
    • There should be a link between nuclear fission and the energy industry. (credit to @javive11 for idea)
    • Cryptocurrency adoption could anger enviromentalist and reduce energy efficiency due to the amount of energy output required to produce BitCoin (credit to @javive11 for idea)
    • Cryptocurrency taxation should please enviromentalist. (credit to @javive11 for idea)
    • Now that reforestation is a policy the reference to reforestating in the description of the climate change adoption fund should be eliminated. (credit to @javive11 for idea)
    • Reforestation should reflect the reduction of avaliable farmland via food prices increase or by angering farmers, a reduction on their number and income, or a mixture of those effects. (credit to @javive11 for idea)
  • Random events:

    • ADDED! The Holy Building Burned event doesn’t affect religious happiness.
    • foreign nations bombing (the “foreign nation launches air strikes” event) does not affect immigration
    • the pandemic event does not affect immigration or emigration
  • Other:

    • Selective Schooling is unaffected by whether schools are private or public, and public/private schools are unaffected by it as well. (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • Hospital overcrowding should impact private health care, as people spend money to get around the delays
    • Covid-19 situation bubble to model countries today (credit for idea to Franztroll)
    • INTENTIONAL! Technology increases health care demand
    • School Prayer is a relatively-flat slider, not one that greatly increases its effects towards the end. Liberals would likely object a lot more to Mandatory, Daily school prayer than Optional or Parental Choice. (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)
    • Anti-vaxxers aren’t present in the game (credit for idea to Rabid)
  • New Policies:

    • Mandatory minimum tax on corporations and/or people. This is a minimum tax to be paid no matter how many deductions you have - it’s meant to prevent tax avoidance strategies and cases where big corporations & the ultra-wealthy pay no tax. Would conflict with Tax Shelters & reduce tax evasion (credit for idea to Darkmark8910)

Thanks for going to the trouble to put this together, that must have taken a lot of time.

The speech bug has been addressed. As far as I know all other points still stand.

Oh, it has? I saw the speech bug still present in the game as of this week.

Honestly I believe that Strong Healthcare should have a tiny bit of tourism to represent those who want to get treated from other nations.

I just checked, and I stand corrected. It has not been fixed.

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Bumping for Cliff’s acknowledgement


@cliffski did you see this? Would it help if I labeled who posted what suggestion? I scrounged through the forums to find all these!


Yes! Just reading this now. Many thanks for so many suggestions :smiley:

  1. Fixed exploit where the list of speech soundbytes got recreated each time you launched that window.
  2. Internet censorship and tough handgun laws now slightly boosts security.

FWIW Polarization has hidden, internal effects, in that it makes all voters opinions more extreme. I need to hard-code in a text box that explains this.

  1. Mandatory Microchip Implants also boost security.
  2. Right to Privacy and Mandatory Microchip implants now cannot be implemented together.

Equality, in the game, is specifically associated with financial equality, ie: the gini index, rather than equality of rights, which is why we have gender equality as a separate thing, and its not linked to gay marriage. Not sure if gay marriage should affect gender equality, as GE is more associated with equal pay and rights. I guess that depends on terminology. Gay is a sexual orientation rather than a gender, so maybe it should be considered a separate measurement?

  1. Tough Handgun laws now reduce the likelihood of Armed Religious Communities.
  2. Strong intellectual property rights now increase likelihood of the Black market situation.
  3. Labor day holiday now makes trade unionists happy and boost their membership slightly.

Congrats lad!

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Makes sense that gay marriage wouldn’t affect gender equality or equality when ya put it that way! Thanks!

P.S. Hope this doesn’t overwhelm ya too much. Tell me if it’s easier to just delete addressed/added suggestions or if it’s easier to stick ADDRESSED or ADDED in front of them btw!

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“Press Freedom, Internet Censorship, and General Media Censorship don’t interact with each other or conflict.”

I would love to see this trio influence one another this creating interesting gameplay.

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Closing all airports does super-reduce air travel, which then should have an impact on airline taxes that way.
Are you saying that closing airports should have a boosting effect to corporate exodus? (presumably CEOs etc could still flee by boat :D).

  1. At high levels, the telecommuting initiative now boosts worker productivity.
  2. Closing all airports now cannot be combined with a state airline, and vice versa.
  3. Limiting or banning cars in cities now boosts bus usage (which also has a secondary effect on car usage).

The link between the legal drinking age and alcohol consumption has a one year delay. Do you think thats too short? I think it would have a major impact, because if overnight you cannot buy alcohol legally any more, then sure, you will get older friends/relatives to buy it for a while, but after a year surely that just becomes enough hassle/disincentive to reduce consumption for most people, especially casual drinkers.
In an ideal world we would have a complex enough sim to simulate problem drinkers from casual consumption, but thats maybe a bit too granular.

  1. Strong alcohol restrictions now encourage organised crime.
  2. All the influences on the Drug Addiction situation now take longer to have an effect.

Maybe a better way of handling it then is, if the Alcohol Abuse situation triggers, it takes much longer for it to go away than it does for it to happen in the first place? Casual alcohol consumption quickly going down with a change to the law makes sense!

I don’t know about the reasoning behind closing airports & corporate exodus; I saw it on someone else’s suggestions at some point & stuck it on here. Not all suggestions are mine! :wink:

P.S. The image of CEOs fleeing via private yacht in lieu of airport is pretty hilarious, NGL.

I didn’t read the post regarding closing airports and corporate exodus, but wouldn’t this increase corporate exodus? What multinational company wants to set up in a country the can’t fly to?


Yes, I assume that is the intention, as even if it does not affect the business operations, the CEO is not going to want to get on a boat every time he visits that factory etc… I haven’t decided on whether to make this a thing or not yet…

  1. Legalizing gay marriage can boost the cost of married tax allowances policy by up to 7%.
  2. High speed rail subsidies now reduce the chance of a rail strike.

Rent controls do affect Low Income, which actually works as the income for the Poor group, through some internal code gymnastics.
Hyperinflation does boost the strength and likelihood of Corporate Exodus (which is capital flight)

  1. The Burning holy building event now understandably upsets religious voters.

its deliberate that technology boosts healthcare demand. Technological advances enable more complex forms of surgery and treatment and allow the curing of diseases otherwise that would let patients die. This means higher healthcare costs, as people are kept alive way longer, but with poor health and expensive needs.


List updated! :wink:

Thanks for being so wholesome & responsive monsieur developer!

For all future suggestions I add to the list, I’ll also include which user came up with the suggestion.

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I think there’s still room to debate technology and health care demand. Sure we can keep doomed individuals artificially alive longer, consuming more resources. We can also develop more efficient techniques in other areas. Examples would be having robots performing surgery rather than a human hand because the robot can be more precise, making smaller cuts which take less time to recover from. Another example would be developing vaccines instead of treating people after they are sick.

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So maybe it could be that technology keep increasing healthcare demand but industrial autonomation may reduce it.


I think this may actually be the inverse (and likely evens out) in that low education could also lead to protests. For example people are protesting about vaccines, and lockdown, and people protest about changes to fuel-taxes required by climate change. Perhaps people who are more easily swayed are more likely to physically protest? and perhaps the extent to which people are easily whipped up into a frenzy is related to a lack of education? Very difficult to say, but there seemed a lot of poorly informed people at the US capitol riots protests, for example…

I think on balance there isn’t really a truly conclusive link that education leads to more or less protests. Its likely related more strongly to the right to protest / harshness of the police?

  1. Hospital Overcrowding now contributes after a delay to a Doctors Strike.

It does bug me that the current setup only results in strikes in an industry which is a publicly owned service, but this is sadly emergent from the way the game models things. The game models demand for something (like healthcare), and then that demand is satisfied by the private sector. if the state sector exists, it then reduces the size of the private sector (crowding out). This means that the player can ‘control’ spending on the state sector, but not the private one.

I guess we can assume that strikes come and go in general, but are not ‘political’ strikes unless they occur in the state sector, when they can effectively be blamed on the government, whereas a private sector strike would not be.

In other words, we model how angry people are at the government, not how angry they are at companies (like private schools), as this is unlikely to sway their vote.