Hybrinoid's Insanity Shop (v0.15 Released)

INSANE Video Games

  • InsaneCraft II: Wings of Insanity
  • Call of Insanity: Modern Insanity 2
  • Super Insane Bros.
  • Land Air Sea Insanity
  • Gratuitous INSANE Battles
  • Star Wars: Insanity at War
  • Insane-Life 2: Episode 1337
  • Uncharted 2: Drake’s Insanity
  • Star Trek (causes) Insanity
  • InsanityBound

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Welcome one and all, to…

[size=200]HYBRINOID’S INSANITY SHOP!!![/size]

Now, ahem, you may be wondering…

[size=200]WHERE’S THE INSANITY?![/size]

Well, before you start looking (trust me, if you look too far, you’ll wish you hadn’t… evil maniacal laugh),
Let me tell you something: you’ve really got to think this through. I mean really. These modules you are about to see are insanity given a form to be put on a ship. So, be completely, absolutely sure you want to use them before you


v0.15 (2nd Release, contains a returning INSANE toy)

What’s that? Complaining that there’s no weapons and barely any modules?

Ok seriously. The reason why there’s no weapons? Simple.


If I were to have INSANE weapons, with INSANE images, things could get ugly – I would have to edit the race files, put in the battle sprite, UGH! I’m a lazy bastard so I just skip that and get STRAIGHT to the modules. Another reason why I skipped weapons is because I try to make everything absolutely OP. What happens if you add weapons to the mix? A firing rate so fast you can’t even see it, a painful buzzer-like sound for all the times it fires, ugh.

Now run along and go wreak havoc with your new friends…err, modules.

LOL lovely insane/spam/mod post xD

I hear you, P. I can’t quite decide what it was that we just witnessed above. [-snort-]

H., my man, you have way too much time on your hands. :smiley: The downside of summer vacation, eh? And what’s with the pointless poll up there?

As for the silliness within the mod, yes it was insanity times insanity; I’ll agree with that. But Trollface and Awesomeface? That was like 2007 all over again…those tired old 4chan memes were like a flashback to a bad trip. I guess it was more hilarious the first 9000 times I saw them. :stuck_out_tongue:

ITS OVER 9000!!!

[size=30]sorry, couldnt help it[/size]

Okay, lets download the mod…
Huh, it’s a bit small…
2 modules? Whatever, let’s test them out.
Awesomeface and Trollface? Okay…
pffft [size=200]BWAHAHAHAHAHA[/size]
Game: No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect No effect no effect no effect

Where are the ships? Oh yeah, 1000 speed.

10/10, would be trolled again.

Actually, I spent less time than you might’ve thought… explains why I released with only two modules. Don’t worry though, there are lots more INSANE modules coming… hehehehheeh

Sorry buddy, but there’s a LOT more image-memes to be done before I am satisfied.


LOOOOOOLL, for a second i thought this thread was a serious one!!! -facepalm-

Fool of me… i downloaded the modules too… xD, i will never use em of course (wats the point?) but anyways, good job?? -hyper facepalm-

Hey, it’s kinda a serious thread… sort of… in the same way that your thumb is one of your fingers…


hey btw, i always liked your avatar, from what/were is it?

Concerning whatever sprite graphics you have in your mod, then sure; no prob as long they aren’t clearly offensive or otherwise objectionable. For more detailed advice, hire a lawyer. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for any hypothetical waterfall of meme-images outside of your mod’s installer .zip and posted to the forums? Image-spamming the Positech forums is a definite no-no. This is place is not 4chan; please keep that in mind. Kthxbai.

Yes, I’m pretty much of the same opinion: bizarre and mysterious but, to put it gently, rather less than useful.

OK, now that I found funny. :smiley:

Me, too. I always thought it was a cartoon version of a LEGO astronaut minifigure from their Classic Space theme. I dig it! :slight_smile:

haha, i see it too now! if you just look at it, it looks something like a crazy zombie. but if you look really close, you can see the boxy head inside a red space helmet! :smiley:

good catch!

My avatar? Surprised you people like it. 0_0

It’s a screaming Samus Aran from a DeviantArt Metroid: Other M comic. (the picture is way more hilarious in its actual form)

But yeah, no worries, aside from a few jokes (like that Metrocop trollface I posted earlier xP), the memes will stay inside the mod.

And don’t put it gently my friend, make it like this: