I am back + too many crashes!

Hi all

I have not played the gave for over a year or two, it is still as fun as I last left it.
anyway, I am facing a lot of crashes in the challenge menu
clicking on a challenge, or scrolling down/up CTD!!!

I did not face these issues before, the only change I have is win8, but I do think this is an issue.
may be I should clean my GSB directory, but I rather not as I have a lot of good ship design that I do not want to lose.

any suggestions?

Hi zGeneral and welcome back.

When looking though the support thread i have seen quite a few people report similar issues.
The only thing I have done in the past is to delete everything out of \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\web
(Except for gsbcd & gsbcdu) That way you can download all the challenges again.

Other than that, I dont know what to suggest other than look though the support forum