I am cornfussed... (yes I spelt it that way)

Hi hi happy people,

I am working on a mod an I have in mind, And I keep getting this odd thing happening with my damage texture and for the heck of it I do not understand it. What it is doing the textures ALL appear at one time and not one after another. And when the ship repairs itself they vanish and will NOT show back up if damaged again. I do not think I FULLY understand how that part of the hull text file works and any insight into that would be helpful.

Pops in looks around and sighs

Anyone have a clue? I need this for a mod well total conversion I am working on and this is a problem i would like to fix. Ask me more questions something I just don’t like being left hanging here.

Ok I think i have this problem lined out. How does one find out where in this forum is the post that someone did that explaned how hull dmage was placed on a ship? I must be blind as i can not find it by searching.

It is part of the targets section of the hull.txt file and if someone can explain that out it would be great!

I’m sorry that it’s taking you so long to get resolution for this. Excluding the faithful modders, there just aren’t that many players posting on the forum any longer…answers for the more obscure types of questions are much slower to obtain.

Sounds to me what you’re looking for is almost certainly located in the Gratuitous Modding forum. Big surprise, right? :smiley: I seem to recall a discussion there about Leviathan-sized ships: ludicrously immense ships far bigger than Juggernaut hulls, and far, far bigger than “mere” Dreadnoughts. This was several months ago, but likely still in 2011.

Up for discussion was the immense, hard-drive-crashing, mystery Leviathan that Randy Tjang’s allegedly working on. Darkstar mentioned something about the extreme length of that ship means that not only would its rear weapons hardly ever come into range to engage any targets, but that incoming weapons fire would also therefore be heavily concentrated in the forward (25%? 15%? or less???) part of the Leviathan’s hull. Darkstar then commented that in order to allow for this, the textfile describing the hull had to include plenty of damage emitters (I forget his term for them) in that area. These would be creating the visual fireworks and smoke from all of the incoming hits.

Hopefully this data should point you in the right direction when you use the Search feature to sift through the Gratuitous Modding forum. The stickied - and excellent - “Modding 101” guide also has a guide to ship explosions authored by SirJamon that may shed some light on damage emitters & targets. Good luck and good hunting.