I Am Impressed

Now, I bought the GTB/GSB bundle on Steam during Summer Sale because look at it.
It’s badass.

I’ve played 2 hours of GTB and an hour of GSB. I mostly just play GTB for the Tower Defense aspect, as I haven’t even attempted the Attacker’s mode.
And I must say, it feels good. The sound is great (despite the shoddy voice acting), the music is there and is a good addition to a battle, the weapon effects are spot-on, the shields and damage indicated very well, and the sheer thought of “When the FUCK is this mech going to die!?” has lost me a battle 4 times already means I’m on the edge of my seat hoping to God that my Ballistics Cannon will hurry up and shoot faster.
I also like very much how Infantry isn’t hopeless and pathetic (where as in GSB the fighters weren’t vital if you had the right parts) as my battalion of Laser Troops crush any tanks that dare cross paths with them. Customization now means I can easily distinguish which towers I need in a battle or which Infantry need reinforced.
Everything feels smooth and nice, including the incredible attention to detail. At first, I just thought these were your run-of-the-mill Advanced Flash Game graphics you see on the Internet you see now, until I zoomed in. Cliff, do you know how satisfying it is to watch an LMG Turret mow down a ton of troops, while a Pulse Laser rips through the Mech they were cowering behind? Because I do, and it feels wonderful.
My only problem with the weapon effects is that I’d like to see the Missiles create a small blast on vehicles. They just kind of evaporate when they hit something.

Good on you Cliff. Am Not Dissapoint.

On that note, I’m not sure if you intended this as a feature or not, BUT:
I’m quite happy that you thrusted players into such an aggressive and violent experience as the tutorial level. It got me interested in the Tower Design and has now led to me attempting to create more efficient designs to triumph over, where as if the first level was a total breeze, I would have used the base units the entire time, and I’m glad I didn’t.

Hey thanks, this has brightened my day :smiley: