I bought this game and I have a serious problem.

I bought this game online and I seem to be stuck with an earlier version… I download the patch on the official site but it won’t do. I really enjoy this game but since I just bought it I would like to be able to play the lastest version.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Did you buy this game ‘online’ directly from Positech or from some other vendor such as Yahoo!, GameSpot, BigFish, ArcadeTown, ReflexiveArcade etc… ?


Upgrade patches can only be applied to the Positech version…

(see this post and this post)

… but versions from other vendors should not need to be patched…

(see this page, this page, this page and this post)

… however extra avatars can be added to all versions …

(see this topic, this post and the middle of this page)

… just not through the game interface

(see this post and this post)