I bought this game before christmas

And my hard drive crashed, and just this weekend I remembered I had it, and wish to play it (Since it is truly excellent). Can I redownload it somehow?

Did you buy the positech version ?

If you did, have you still got your emails ?

No thats the thing, my email address on this forum is the one I used for purchasing though. I cant see anything on the site about redownloading.

What version you got ?

Who did you buy it from ?

I have no idea, I just saw the review in PCZone, came on this site and bought it.

Hopefully when cliffski appears he may be able to give you better advice and help.

When I purchased the game I received a few emails and in one of them it had a deadline date to download the game. As you originally bought the game before christmas I think the deadline date for you might have passed by. Sorry.

Well it wouldnt be unreasonable to allow redownloads, since there is no solid media. Exactly for reasons such as mine; Computers dying.

I have a lifetime re-downloAd guarantee for such eventualities. I’ll look up your order and email you.
Ignore the time limits in the register emails.

Thanks Cliff, I remember you saying something about it somewhere on the actual page. I know piracy is a problem so automating the whole thing may not be the best of ideas. But I had no doubt that you would sort it. Thanks.