I broke game model :D

I turned UK to NK.
First I gained tons of policies to secure popularity.
Then I maxed out Conservatives, Patriots and Religious.
Environmentalists, Capitalists and Socialists are optional.
And then I went full dictator as I pushed into poverty and debt - most of people have negative disposable income.

I feel like negative disposable income ought to be impossible

There should be Tax Burden simulation.
All taxes would contribute to it.

Problems would start above 30% - 50% - then various tax evasion situations would be fuelled.
At 100% there should be catastrophic failure of IRS equivalent :stuck_out_tongue:

Only several countries have tax income above 50% of GDP

That is nuts lol. Love it.

Evidence, as if it were needed that this is almost a meme-game…

Very interesting. How did you avoid liberal assassinations?

I play without assassinations