I broke game model :D

I turned UK to NK.
First I gained tons of policies to secure popularity.
Then I maxed out Conservatives, Patriots and Religious.
Environmentalists, Capitalists and Socialists are optional.
And then I went full dictator as I pushed into poverty and debt - most of people have negative disposable income.

I feel like negative disposable income ought to be impossible

There should be Tax Burden simulation.
All taxes would contribute to it.

Problems would start above 30% - 50% - then various tax evasion situations would be fuelled.
At 100% there should be catastrophic failure of IRS equivalent :stuck_out_tongue:

Only several countries have tax income above 50% of GDP

That is nuts lol. Love it.

Evidence, as if it were needed that this is almost a meme-game…

Very interesting. How did you avoid liberal assassinations?

I play without assassinations

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Removing the state in its entirety makes one a conservative socialist, what would be the underlying causes behind this particular representation on the political compass in D4?

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crime + no stability = conservatism
poverty and unemployment = socialism :wink:

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That makes no sense, why should dismantling the state make my political position 100% conservative and my socialism around 30-35%? I can understand that being the case for the voters, maybe, but my position?

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No worries, I think they’re being satire

Well, I mean the political compass in the game. It wears off to conservative socialism when I dismantle the state.

Some simulation and situation values overwhelmingly change socialist and conservative membership

Position on compass is derived from socialist and conservative membership and nothing else

That’s another confusing value in D4, why doesn’t the black line just pinpoint our political position on the compass, the voters can be represented anywhere they like. I always found this a bit confusing, I would be getting 100% liberal even when I had some conservative/religious policies active.